Writing a Textbook? The @Flat_World Knowledge Difference

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Welcome to a new (flat) world for authors. If you want to participate in a publishing revolution that expands access to information & knowledge, while still generating handsome royalties, this Flat World might be for you!

Who is Flat World Knowledge?

We were started by long-time publishing industry execs driven by their conviction that the old model was broken, and that there was a better way to serve the needs of authors, faculty, and students. With trusted colleagues and advisors, they devised a disruptive business model, built around great authors, that is changing the future of this great industry.

What are we looking for in an author?

You are a highly accomplished & committed teacher. You can bring vibrant teaching to the printed (or digital) page. You are known for your scholarship. You may have experience writing textbooks – more than half of our authors do. Or, you just have a killer idea and the chops to get it done. You’re for us!

What is an open textbook?

It is a great book by a great author, peer-reviewed, professionally edited & developed, and published under a Creative Commons license. Faculty may tailor the book to their needs.Students may access their book and study aids online for a fair price or buy an affordable digital, print-it-yourself, or print format. Students get choice; faculty get control; authors earn rapid market share, greater royalties over time, and do some good!

Why publish with Flat World?

Because you care. You want to deliver unparalleled content to students but don’t think they should have to take out a loan to pay for it! You want to be well-compensated (check out FREE by Chris Anderson). You want to partner with your publisher, not feel like a contractor. You want to retain your copyright. YOU GET IT – you know the time to act is now – no second-mover status for you. You want to publish with Flat World Knowledge.

Author Testimonials

We love our authors. They seem to like us, too. OK, maybe it is the business model and the royalties – you be the judge.

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Get Writing

If you are a potential author and want to learn more about joining our little textbook revolution, we’d love to hear from you. We always like talking about interesting new ideas with smart people. Please read the Proposal Guidelines and get the conversation started!

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