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Instructor’s Guide to Free & Open Textbooks

Flat World Knowledge was created to provide better textbook options to students and faculty, who are frustrated with the limitations and costs of traditional textbooks. We kept what works: expert authors, editorial development, peer review and teaching supplements. And changed everything else to give choices and control back to students and educators.

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The Problem

Flat World's Solution

  • Soaring Prices

    • New business book = $150+
    • Student cost per year = $1,168
    • Average price increase = 10%+ per year
    • Students = Frustrated

    Fair Prices

    Our Prices are Fair. Students can read our entire book with study aids starting at $24.

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  • Limited Choices

    You choose the book. Your students buy it. Their usual choices? High-priced books, or go without.

    Freedom to Choose

    You choose the book. Your students choose the format and price. We sell print, e-books, for the iPad, Kindle, Nook and other e-readers, audiobooks downloadable PDFs.

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  • No Flexibility

    Even a great book is never perfect. Often, you change your course to fit the book. Shouldn't it be the other way around?

    Open & Customizable

    Use our books as-is, or modify them to better fit your course. We provide an open license and an easy-to-use editing platform called MIYO (Make It Your Own). Turn "our" books into "your" books.

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  • Rapid-fire New Editions

    Feel like you just went to the new edition? You probably did. Publishers have increased the pace of new editions to combat used books.

    New Editions on Your Terms

    Never be forced to a new edition again. We print on demand, so there's no inventory to manage. Switch to our new editions when you want to.

  • Choosing Price vs. Quality

    Until now, most "affordable" textbooks were of inferior quality with limited supplements — not a tradeoff you should have to make.

    Have it All

    Our books are written by expert authors, professionally developed and peer-reviewed. We provide supplements such as test banks, instructor manuals, and lecture slides.

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Where Do I Start?

It all begins with books. Use our finder below for a targeted search or browse our catalog. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to Contact a Rep.

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