See What You Can Do with a Flat World Textbook.

We set out to answer a call. You, the professor, have to work around an inflexible textbook and crazy edition cycles when you would rather be in control of the content. Your students can barely afford the overly-inflated costs of a print textbook; plus, they are increasingly moving on from a heavy print world, looking for lightweight digital options.

We're here to help. In fact, we kept the parts that work, and only fixed the parts that are broken. Really broken.


Here's what you do: search our catalog, review our textbook online (or request a print version), create a custom course URL for your students, and download our supplements. Done. It really is that easy.

Find & Review a Flat World Textbook

Finding and reviewing the right textbook for your course is easier than what you do now. Browse or search our online textbook catalog by course or topic. Read the description and contents. Here's where we go the extra mile for you: If the textbook seems like a good fit so far, you can just keep on reading! Our textbooks are open, so it’s all there for your review. Yes, that's right: You can read any of our books online (once you're an approved educator) in its entirety. Of course, if you do want a print copy to review, we're happy to send it to you — just click "Request a Review Copy" on any book's catalog page and it's on its way.

Make It Your Own (if you want)

Is the textbook close to what you need, but not perfect? Now you can make it perfect for you. You can customize your textbook online before you adopt it. Think of it as your book—you're in control, and you can Make It Your Own. Or MIYO, for short.

Getting started is easy. While you are reading one of our books online, do you come across something you want to change? A common example is re-ordering or deleting a chapter. Simply toggle over to "Edit" above the Table of Contents and BAM! You're in MIYO mode. Now you can drag chapters to re-order, or click the trash icon to delete. Look to the right side and you can even click into a paragraph to add or edit some text. Pretty cool, right? When you are done, simply adopt your version of the book and within minutes, it's ready for your students to read online or purchase any of our digital or print formats.

Adopt It

You just want to adopt the textbook as is? Easy. Click "Adopt" from the catalog or from any page of the book in the online reader. We'll ask you a few simple questions about your course. When you're done, we generate a unique URL for your course that you can give to your students. At this link, they can see all their options—they can purchase access to the "Study Pass" and online textbook, buy a print book, or buy our digital downloadable formats. Everything is a fraction of the price of a typical textbook.

Get The Supplements

Book reviewed, MIYO'd, and adopted. The Flat World solution doesn't stop there. As an approved educator, you have access to view and download supplements like an Instructor Manual, Lecture PowerPoint Slides, and Test Item Files. You can communicate with the textbook author and other professors using the same book. Or talk to any of us—phone, chat, email, Twitter, Facebook, it's up to you!

Find the Book For Your Class

So, your professor assigned a Flat World textbook. This is great news! But how exactly do you find the book? Your instructor gives you a URL. This is the unique page we set up for your course listing all of your book options. What if your instructor doesn't give you a URL, or you want to get a jump on things and buy the textbook before class starts? Go to and find your course or book by professor, school or book title. Choose the format and price that best fits your learning style and wallet. Chose our "Study Pass" with online text for only $19.95 and start reading right away. Registration is required.

Exercise Your Freedom To Choose

Maybe reading online isn't something you can get used to. Maybe you still like the look, feel and smell of print books (No joke, some people like the way they smell). Maybe you have a Kindle Fire or iPad and want an ebook option. Maybe you don't mind reading online, but you just wish you had a few more features like highlighting, note-taking, study aids and access to an abbreviated study view of the book, even if it cost a few bucks. Well, the choice is yours. From your custom course URL, you can learn more about all of these formats as well as the online Study Pass option. Even our print options are a fraction of the price of the textbooks you've been assigned by your less cool and less progressive professors.

Manage Your Stuff

Once you register (or buy something) it's easy for you to navigate back to your book and find your downloads. The "My Books" dropdown that you see everywhere on the site let's you access your most recent book read. Once you are at the online reader, if you've purchased the Study Pass or the All Access Pass, your notes and highlights are visible in the Study Mode, and you can find all of your downloadable formats in the Downloads tab.

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