The logo is available in two formats. The logo in PNG format is best suited for on-screen and Office applications. The logo in EPS format is best suited for professional printing and desktop publishing applications. The EPS logo is provided in color and grayscale, as well as in horizontal and stacked layouts.

Click on the links below to download.

Horizontal-Grayscale.eps371.1 KB
Horizontal-OrangeBlack.eps376.58 KB
Horizontal-OrangeBlack.png4.06 KB
Horizontal-OrangeWhite.eps371.47 KB
Horizontal-OrangeWhite.png4.35 KB
Stacked-Grayscale.eps457.79 KB
Stacked-OrangeBlack.eps466.21 KB
Stacked-OrangeBlack.png4.04 KB
Stacked-OrangeWhite.eps448.53 KB
Stacked-OrangeWhite.png4.22 KB